Digital twin to visualize, track and control the whole factory from a single interface.

All factory operations under one view

With a 3D user interface you monitor and visualize the status and incoming alarms of the whole factory. From factory level you drill down further into processes and equipment in the same interface, identifying the root causes of alarms and production delays.

A single unified view gives you the whole picture of the production processes. Critical information is supplied to the right employees in real-time. You monitor the whole factory or a single process even from your phone.

Any factory or process can be transformed into 3D view

You can access equipment information, measurement data and maintenance instruction under the same 3D interface. Our solution is a fully scalable 3D model of the factory, connected with real-time data. The dynamic model enables drilling down from factory level all the way to processes or individual equipment.

The information source can basically be almost anything, for example MES, ERP, CRM, Excel or different automation systems. We have several different methods of connecting the data, which we bring into a single virtual data lake. This way you continuously have specific, relevant and real-time data available of all the processes in your factory.

Optimize your production

3D modeling is complemented with our machine learning capabilities. With 3D visualization and machine learning you will:

  • Get a real-time view of your whole production
  • Predict anomalies on different levels of the production
  • Optimize processes
  • Simulate changes to the processes

All this enables you to improve the uptime, productivity and quality of your production. To learn more about our machine learning approach read more on Augmented Intelligence for Smart Factory.

Smart Factory Management brings clarity into complexity

All relevant information and reports are brought into a single view where by clicking an element you get a drill-down report and additional information. All necessary information is under the same user interface regardless of what you are looking for.

Having a holistic real-time view of the operations is the first step towards optimizing your operations. Once the data is available in a single virtual data lake, you start to optimize the current operations to the next level.

You start the optimization from a single equipment or process by building different kind of models to optimize the quality, uptime and performance.

We also extend this from production to further into the supply chain. We include incoming materials and customer orders, improving the performance of the whole logistics chain. When the performance of a single factory is improved, you benchmark different factories or similar processes in different factories, which multiplies the benefits.

With role-based information, Smart Factory is utilized by top management, plant managers, operators and other workers.  The top management is interested in the overall status of their operations, the plant managers in the utilization rates, OEE and quality for example.