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Predictive maintenance

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Virtual Monitoring


Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance is an efficient way of increasing customer satisfaction. The Elisa IoT™ service platform enables the predictive maintenance of devices and machinery in a completely new way. With the help of real time monitoring of the devices, it is possible to time the procedures to occur at exactly the right time – before problematic situations or damage occur. With the help of predictive maintenance, unexpected malfunctions and interruptions can be minimised and the efficiency of the operations as well as customer satisfaction reach a new level.

Predictive maintenance is based on the data collected about the behaviour of machines and devices. Sensors will be installed into the devices that collect information, and this information will be transferred via mobile connections to be compiled and analysed. After this, it is possible to make educated estimates and forecasts about at which point in time there is reason to assign signals to alert about the maintenance need of the device.

The costs that ensue from malfunctioning devices always exceed the actual repair costs. When, in the worst case, the whole production has to be shut down, valuable time is lost. Predictive maintenance ensures the functionality of the production process, deliveries on time and the high quality of the products. This is all possible to implement with the same – or even less – costs than previously. Predictive maintenance is a way to bring customer satisfaction to a new level, and to make sure that the orders will be coming in the future as well.


Machine to Machine (M2M)


Elisa M2M (Machine to Machine) device interfaces connect different kinds of devices to the mobile network and the bit streams produce real time information to support decision making. The device interfaces are utilised for different remote health care, transport telematics, process control, localisation and smart metering implementations. With the help of the additional services provided by Elisa, you can prevent misuse and improve cost management from before.

Elisa M2M device interfaces are applicable to customer needs of different kinds and different sizes: from individual interfaces to large implementations where the number of interfaces is close to hundreds of thousands. Typical terminal devices utilising M2M device interfaces are payment terminals, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, vending machines, truck terminals as well as electric and water meters.

Elisa M2M device interface solutions with additional services are always implemented with consideration to individual customer needs. The size of the data package and the speed of the mobile broadband, allowed and restricted functions and traffic routing either in the customer’s intranet or the internet can be determined according to the purpose of use.


Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)


With the help of different sensors, cameras and analytics, it is possible to harness real time situational information to provide strong support for product development as well as development of services and business operations. In this manner, the different remote monitoring and management solutions become an integral part of the company’s digitalised business operations with the help of the Elisa IoT™ service platform.

With the help of the Elisa IoT™ service, which can be infinitely modified, the solutions for a digitalised service view and remote management can be comprehensively utilised in different environments and tasks.

New intelligent sensors can be set to measure the situational data that enhances and enriches the service, such as temperature, humidity, noise level, the amount of light or the intensity of the vibration. Reacting to changes required by the service based on the obtained sensor and system data is much faster, more accurate and more efficient.

With the help of the customised situational view implemented for the objects to be monitored and managed using the Elisa IoT™ service, it is possible to optimise the operations of services and processes in a new way. With this view, it is also possible to enable the remote management for smart devices connected to the service.

With the help of remote management, it is possible to perform cost-effective and real time measures by changing the software or behaviour of the device being monitored. Also entire software updates can be performed quickly and efficiently with the help of remote management for the devices that support it. At its most simple, remote management can be used for locking premises, changing lighting or closing gates by using the remote control view.


Virtual Monitoring


The Elisa IoT™ service package includes virtual monitoring, which produces different kinds of situational views on the situation of the factory, to be analysed and used by different parties. The information from many different sources will be integrated into one view, in which case all necessary information is visible to the right people. This enables detailed situational analyses and correctly timed reactions – also predictively and automatically.

Virtual monitoring is about the 3D interface of the Elisa Smart Factory concept, based on the Remote Monitoring & Management and Virtual Factory solution modules. With the help of the interface, it is possible to monitor and visualise the general state of the factory and the alarms related to it. One view provides an overall picture of the whole production process. The critical information will be transmitted to the right people, shared in real time.

In practice, the 2D image of the factory will be transformed into 3D, and maintenance instructions, machine information and measuring data will be brought into the picture. Measurement graphs and simple numeric values. This enables gathering information sources together, in an integrated manner and in real time.

The data sources can be either existing data channels, the data produced by the factory’s automation system or an IoT data network built alongside the system. In this manner, detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date data about every phase of the processes is always available.

The greatest value of information is generated by sharing and utilising it. The information produced by virtual monitoring is available for all parties, with emphasis on the chosen topics of interest. In this manner, it is possible to utilise the information efficiently, focusing on the right issues for each sector.