Holistic status of all factories with End2End cockpit

All operations under the same view

To have a truly unified view of operations, you need to move from monitoring each factory individually to having a holistic view of all your operations. With federated KPI data from all your factories, you monitor how your factories are performing quickly and efficiently from a single system. This enables you to benchmark and identify well performing factories and help find opportunities for improvement to bring all factories to the same level.

The solution also enables global end2end service operations center model, where all information is centralized. You can follow KPIs and alerts on a global and local level, which gives you the possibility to operate remotely and pre-emptively react to critical changes.

Global management dashboard

Get a global view of all factories and their status. You see factory-specific details of current operations and selected KPIs to describe factory performance.

With mobile friendly user interface you can check the status of your whole production from anywhere at any time. You immediately see any problems arising in any of your factories and respond before any financial losses occur.

Drill-down capabilities

Once you have spotted a problem in your production, you use the drill down functionality to see what is causing the problems. You can drill-down all the way from global and factory level to line and machine level data. This helps you find the root causes fast which enables you to fix the problems fast before they cause any major delays.

On-site dashboards

Different workers need different information. What they have in common is that the information has to be readily available. It’s important that the workers have real-time access to the relevant KPIs and alerts to react faster. You need to have all relevant data available in a single source, otherwise time is wasted on non-value adding activities such as searching for the right data from many different systems.

We take data from all the separate systems and databases and create holistic role-based and on-site views of the operations. You also need to include the data from the inbound and outbound activities outside your production. Only in this way you truly know whether you will reach your scheduled plans and are able to achieve perfect day for the production.