Elisa IoT

Industrial Internet – the Internet of Things – refers to connecting physical objects, services, software and systems through the Internet. Real-time data can be analyzed in an automated fashion, which produces more information to support decision-making. IoT creates new opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations and new business models in every field. Elisa brings the experts from different fields of the industrial Internet together using the IoT™ ecosystem. 


Advantages of the IoT ecosystem


Our goal is to offer businesses a flexible opportunity to utilize IoT. Elisa IoT™ consists of an application development platform and applications. Elisa’s application development platform allows the agile development of solutions and applications for the management, optimization and connection of various devices.

Elisa IoT™ is an open and developing ecosystem where member companies support each other with their expertise, thereby improving the functionality and capability of the entire platform. The ecosystem includes device manufacturers, programmers, analysts and visualizers. Together we seek to cover all our clients’ needs and sectors. 


Expertise throughout the value chain


Elisa IoT™ covers all areas of functioning IoT business from technologies to maintenance and expertise. Our application development platform is easy to customize and can be integrated to the client’s existing background systems. The service may also be expanded later by adding new elements.


Elisa’s role as an integrator


Elisa brings its own special expertise to the ecosystem. As an experienced and reliable developer of communications solutions, we take main responsibility for the progress and success of IoT projects.

The fundamental idea of the ecosystem is to find the best possible benefit for each client and for every situation. That is why participants only include functionaries whose quality of work and expertise we have verified.