Elisa SON

Self-Organising Networks

Elisa SON (self-organising networks) platform solution enables automation and dynamic network optimisation - generating increased network efficiency, as well as improved service quality and customer experience. Financially, the platform allows operators to improve both OPEX and CAPEX. Less resource-intensive manual work is required, and investments in new, high-capacity networks can be postponed until existing investments are fully utilised.

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Advantages of the Elisa SON solution

We aim to completely automatize our network optimisation - something we would like to share with others. The Elisa SON modular platform is currently cloud-ready and runs on any commodity hardware and software. The solution provides open interfaces for developing algorithms. Operators can develop their own modules and preserve full control over their development priorities and timelines. New and revised modules can be continuously integrated into the production baseline instead of waiting for a bigger release.


World class expertise

Elisa SON solution is built for telecom operators with their challenges in mind. Our world class team continues to develop the platform, allowing any telecom operator to create and implement optimization algorithms and modules. Elisa's own modules and algorithms, built in the platform environment, are already functioning in Elisa's network, improving network quality, capacity, coverage, accessibility and mobility.


Elisa's role as a service provider

From telecom to telecom - Elisa brings its own experiences and abilities to other Telecom operators. The need for a SON platform, which could solve a telecom operator's many and complex challenges, resulted in Elisa creating its own unique solution. With deep knowledge of telecom operations and software development, we provide a much needed SON platform. 


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